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Discover your full potential in golf

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Who we are

The ideal training to boost your game

GolfeFit is the pioneer in training golfers in Brazil. In business since 2005, we have created a training method based on years of experience with players of all levels and utilizing the principles of functional training and Pilates and the research and teachings of the Titleist Performance Institute.

Our mission is to provide personalized training for golfers to improve their performance on the course and their quality of life.


How did GolfeFit come about?

GolfeFit (formerly GolfePilates) has over 15 years of experience in the golf market in Latin America.


The demand for qualified professionals who understood the union of technique with biomechanics and training impelled the founder Africa Madueño to specialize in the area while living in the USA. 

The experience with players of all levels added to the constant search for updating helped to create an exclusive and pioneering service in Brazil that has helped hundreds of amateur and professional players to improve their score and reduce frustrations on and off the field.


Our specialty is to improve your quality of life through training so that you can achieve your goals, be it reaching a Handicap Scratch, winning your club's Open or simply playing painlessly and with more pleasure.

Africa Alarcón is someone who has more passion than anyone might even be aware of. Coming from Brazil she is probably unheard of, but her continuing devotion to learning and translating that to her students is beyond amazing. Most of us barely travel through the US to continue our education. Africa logs more miles yearly than anyone might imagine, and all for the benefit of her clients.

Lance Gill, TPI's Fitness Advisory Board.

Owner and President of LG Performance in Oceanside, CA

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Our method is based on the knowledge acquired in the certification of the following research bodies


In 2020, in the midst of the Pandemic,   had the pleasure of being invited by the TPI to speak at the PGA Show along with my colleague Daisy M. Kenny. A unique experience that makes me very proud.

Africa Madueno

Watch the video: How to train the female golfer to longer drives

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