Online Coaching 


Much more than a workout to do at home!

In the Golfefit Coaching Program, you receive personalized attention and planning focused on your needs and goals

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How does it work?

The Golfefit Personalized Coaching program was created to meet the needs of the high achiever golfer who wants to train at home with safety and freedom but with professional support. This program is based in communication and  team approach, always looking for attention to detail. The goal is to build the perfect routine for you! something you enjoy doing and 


This program is suitable for amateur players of all levels, including high performance athletes. Each student is a case study and for this reason the number of places is limited.

We use one of the best training apps, True Coach, you can download it on your cell phone or access it on your computer and receive daily workouts to do whenever you want in the comfort of your home. With the app, you can watch training videos, send feedback and update your progress and personal records


We are here to give you all the support you need!

This program allows constant contact to help you stay motivated and avoid having doubts about performing an exercise.



  • Learn the movements that will keep you sharp to play 18 holes  with confidence 


  • CONSTANT COMMUNICATION. You are not on your own, I'll be here to guide you and keep you accountable

  • Learn the best exercises that are beneficial for your golf game
  • Improve swing kinematics with coordination movements and enhance consistency

  • Stop feeling stuck in training: build confidence, decrease tension, gain energy, infuse your game with power

  • Optimise your performance & avoid overuse golf injuries through a holistic approach

Team Approach

Each golfer is a different case study. I will engage your golf coach, physical therapist or doctor if necessary. The important thing is to take a holistic view and work as a team for your benefit


Each workout is designed in consideration to your routine. To keep you motivated, we take the stress out of planning and provide you with a training schedule that is realistic and challenging according to your day to day activities and preferences.


Do you have questions about the execution of an exercise, are you going to take a golf trip, or did you exaggerate in the field and need to reduce the intensity? any change in the training program is possible and communication is key for that.


This is the key to your success. We understand that sometimes our mental/physical state is not optimal. Don't feel bad and specially, don't give up! we are here to support you with video calls, messages and special content on social media for our students.

What is included in Personalized Coaching:

  • Initial video chat interview with Coach Africa to begin your case study and set up goals

  • Physical assessment (online)

  • 24/7 access to the app and all of your workouts True Coach for the duration of your program

  • Case discussion with your golf coach to better understand your needs

  • 1 Weekly functional workouts sent by the True Coach app to do at home (modified every two weeks)

  • 1 Mobility/recovery workout for rest days

  • 1 Golf day activation and recovery workout for the weekends and tournament days

  • Adaptations and exercises substitution in special cases

Get started today! contact us and you can start your program right away.


Limited spots available

Reach your full potential 

Check out the results some of our clients had in the past

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Original price: $300

Discounted price for our partnership with Brian Jacobs Golf students: $250

All for the price of less than a new driver, YET double the value with lasting impact!!

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