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Bolas de golf

Acerca de SerraFit

  • Face-to-face Personalized Training
    Achieving a "single digit" haicap is the dream of most amateurs. Repetitive classes, changing equipment and mainly listening to suggestions from game colleagues will not bring this result.Through a personalized approach to each client, we can assess their physical needs to improve their swing technique and avoid injuries. Our 3- and 6-month programs include in-home care and quarterly progress and plan of attack reports. Using different methodologies, we offer a differentiated class aimed at improving golf performance. Our service can be individual or in teams.
  • Diagnostic swing analysis
    This assessment, lasting 1h and 30m, provides a complete diagnosis of swing efficiency. The use of technology allows you to stop "guessing" what is happening in the swing and prove with data whether it is important to make any technical changes. The best way for you to better understand how your body, your coordination and technique work and if there are any power "leaks" that can be improved. Players report substantial distance gains in a single session! Includes complete analysis report and recommendations for physical and technical training. The evaluation is divided into: ​ - TPI physical assessment; - Ball flight analysis (speed, distance, dispersion); - Rhapsode and swing footage in 3 planes; - Biomechanical analysis of pressure transfer and vertical force; - Boditrak.
  • Online Training
    You don't need to be in São Paulo to have professional monitoring of your physical activity. ​ GolfeFit offers a personalized coaching service or the Golfefit Online program which provides a year-round training guide. ​ Hundreds of golfers have already tried and approved the program, reporting improvement in handicap and distance.
  • Clinics
    GolfeFit offers an exclusive service of practical education. We already offer clinics and lectures throughout Latin America on various topics. Some of the most popular ones are: ​ - Power and speed of swing; - The female golfer. How to work focused on difficulties to improve performance; - Junior Golf; - Injury prevention.
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